Call for Consultants - Regional Representative (Africa) - GAIN Premix Facility/ENABLE Platform

Kenya or Tanzania
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The GAIN ENABLE Platform integrates four facilities and a range of services for stakeholders involved in national fortification programmes: premix procurement, credit, audit and technical assistance/capacity building services. The aim of the ENABLE Platform is to provide services and good practice standards which will improve quality and compliance across the sector and for national programs. 

The first facility, the Credit Facility offers credit for procurement of quality inputs for fortified foods through a revolving fund has been the backbone of the GAIN Premix Facility model to date. The GAIN Premix Facility (GPF) offers a centralized bulk procurement hub and validation of quality-assured premix, analytical devices and fortification equipment for the sector. The Audit Facility offers audit and assessments conducted by GAIN’s QA/QC team and partners for food industries; laboratories and food control agencies; and premix, micronutrient and MNP suppliers. Lastly, the Capacity Building Facility improves national systems for quality and compliance essential for sustainable fortification programs which lead to impact.  The capacity building offered by the ENABLE Platform supports the establishment or strengthening of proven and replicable models of delivery. 

GAIN is looking for a consultant, initially for 12 months, to manage and futher develop business relationships with key accounts of the GPF. It requires solid business development experience, excellent communication skills and a good understanding of food production, supplier management, procurement processes and credit management. Food industry experience is mandatory whilst knowledge of fortification programs in Africa is highly desirable. The ideal candidate will have solid work experience in Africa.

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30 Jun 2017

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