Career Support

A Warm Welcome

At GAIN we aim to provide employees with the best possible start, which is why we coordinate an induction for all new starters when they arrive. This comprehensive induction program offers interactive information sessions that allow new starters to meet and discuss GAIN’s nutrition programs with key contacts in the organization and to familiarize themselves with our culture and operational processes. Social events and team-building activities throughout induction also help new starters to integrate and establish strong professional links they need to add value to their work.

Commitment to Learning and Development

Ensuring our employees can look forward to a successful future at GAIN is important to us and our commitment to learning and development makes this reality possible. We offer each of our employees the chance to develop and learn skills as part of their performance objectives, enabling them to realize their professional potential. Such activities as training and conferences related to project management, professional performance and career development are open to all employees.

Managers also play a special role in learning and development at GAIN – they are responsible for regularly assessing the learning and developmental needs of their teams, and suggesting activities that facilitate success and cohesion. 

Performance Management and Rewards

Performance management at GAIN is a process that encourages managers and employees to engage in two-way communications to plan their work together, to monitor and review the employee’s work and performance objectives.

The process is built to align, to be fair, flexible, efficient and effective.

Align: employee’s objectives to the Organizational goals.

Fair: applies consistently across the organization and all employees receive formal and informal feedback on their performance.

Flexible: allows discussion around changes in objectives as goals of the organization change.

Efficient: serves also the purpose to drive learning and development opportunities.

Effective: drives performance, continuous improvement and learning and development opportunities.