Why GAIN is different

Evolving to Meet the Challenge

In just 5 years, GAIN’s workforce has doubled in size, attracting some of the best minds in the field. Our strong commitment to adapting with the shifting challenges of malnutrition has made this possible. Within the organization, this commitment is reflected in the freedom that our employees enjoy on a daily basis. Whatever the role, GAIN provides the platform for employees to voice their ideas and the space to take initiative and develop professionally.

Sustainable Growth through our Unique Partnership Model

Founded in 2002, GAIN is a not-for-profit foundation based in Switzerland that works to end malnutrition by fostering innovative, results-based, and cross-sector partnerships that can leverage markets and deliver nutrition interventions at scale.

Specifically, GAIN works to:

Increase access and improve choice of affordable nutritious foods for vulnerable populations.
Introduce new models of delivery and improve delivery mechanisms that meet local needs.
Test new models that are market-based in their approach, innovative, sustainable and scalable.
Catalyse results-based partnerships among those positioned to create impact - governments, civil society, business and humanitarian agencies.

GAIN’s goal is to provide a sustainable source of affordable nutritious food for one billion people by 2016. In the process, GAIN aims to reduce micronutrient deficiencies and stunting worldwide by up to 30 and 10 percent, respectively. Our initiatives currently improve the diets and the lives of 667 million people, approximately half of whom are women and children, the demographics most vulnerable to malnutrition worldwide.

In less than a decade, GAIN has scaled its operations to more than 30 countries with offices in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and representative status in The Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Mission-Driven Organisation

Nutritious diets underpin strong and healthy people, communities, and economies. As such, GAIN envisions a world in which every man, woman and child receives a nutritious diet—a world in which malnutrition no longer interferes with any individual’s physical or mental development. To that end, we support public-private partnerships that deliver essential micro- and macronutrients to hundreds of millions of malnourished people worldwide.

These partnerships work to reshape food systems and enhance nutrition policies and standards at both the national and global level. Our partners include smallholder farmers, local entrepreneurs, large multinationals, governments, marginalized groups, civil society and advocacy organizations, and others working to improve people’s diets. GAIN’s programs use both market-based and public distribution channels to deliver nutritious foods.


At GAIN, we recognize that no two employees are the same. GAIN’s employees come from diverse cultures, backgrounds and professions.

Our employees have a variety of expertise and hail from a diverse range of sectors, including nutrition, business, agriculture, policy, finance, monitoring, and evaluation. GAIN’s experts have - and continue to use - their technical, programmatic acumen and field experience to improve nutrition around the world. 

Innovator in the Nutrition Space

GAIN was one of the first international organizations to adopt the public-private partnership model as well as market-based approaches.

As GAIN enters its second decade, it continually seeks to innovate in the field to solve one of the largest public health concerns facing the world today. We seek a wealth of both scientific and technical expertise to help us continue to bring new ideas to the global health community, governments, civil society and the private sector.